Part loads

Do you have a single item, or a few items you need to transport long distance?
At Gooden's Removals we have dedicated vehicles travelling to London and Wales at least once per fortnight with part loads. With our vehicles distributing several different items/loads in one journey it saves time and money, our saving can then be passed on to our customers.

How it works
The process is very simple. Firstly you will inform our office of your requirements, the staff there will advise you of the next distribution in the delivery area. If the date is suitable for you our staff will take all the details for the job. You will be contacted nearer the date for the job to arrange for one of our drivers to make a collection. Your item(s) will normally be delivered the following day.

Items are stored in our secure storage facility while in our possession, then delivered the following day.

When our driver delivers they obtain a proof of delivery (P.O.D.) from the recipient that includes a signature, date and time of delivery. This is then available to you if needed.

We have found part loads to be a cheap and easy method of transporting single or multiple items long distance.

For customers who need a regular service (business or personal) we will be please to arrange a discount on this service.


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